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Volume 24, number 4 (2015)

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Numéro Spécial : Conférence “Talking Across Fields” du 24 au 28 mars 2014 à l’Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse
Editor: Laurent Miclo

Laurent Miclo
p. i-iv Details
Djalil Chafaï
From Boltzmann to random matrices and beyond
p. 641-689 Details
Pietro Caputo; Georg Menz; Prasad Tetali
Approximate tensorization of entropy at high temperature
p. 691-716 Details
Paul Chleboun; Alessandra Faggionato; Fabio Martinelli
Mixing time and local exponential ergodicity of the East-like process in $\mathbb{Z}^d$
p. 717-743 Details
Eyal Lubetzky; Allan Sly
An exposition to information percolation for the Ising model
p. 745-761 Details
Yuval Peres; Perla Sousi
Total variation cutoff in a tree
p. 763-779 Details
Matthias Erbar; Jan Maas; Prasad Tetali
Discrete Ricci Curvature bounds for Bernoulli-Laplace and Random Transposition models
p. 781-800 Details
Shayan Oveis Gharan
Spectral Graph Theory via Higher Order Eigenvalues and Applications to the Analysis of Random Walks
p. 801-815 Details
Thierry Delmotte; Clément Rau
A note on exit time for anchored isoperimetry
p. 817-835 Details
Laurent Saloff-Coste; Tianyi Zheng
Random walks under slowly varying moment conditions on groups of polynomial volume growth
p. 837-855 Details
Florent Malrieu
Some simple but challenging Markov processes
p. 857-883 Details
Martin Dyer; Haiko Müller
Graph classes and the switch Markov chain for matchings
p. 885-933 Details
James P. Hobert; Kshitij Khare
Computable upper bounds on the distance to stationarity for Jovanovski and Madras’s Gibbs sampler
p. 935-947 Details
Michel Caffarel
Talking Across Fields: A Physicist’s Presentation of some Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Monte Carlo Methods
p. 949-972 Details
Persi Diaconis; Laurent Miclo
On quantitative convergence to quasi-stationarity
p. 973-1016 Details
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