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folder Volume 28, number 2 (2019)

Maxime Zavidovique
Twisted Lax–Oleinik formulas and weakly coupled systems of Hamilton–Jacobi equations
p. 209-224 Details
Jean Ruppenthal
$L^2$-theory for the $\protect \overline{\partial }$-operator on complex spaces with isolated singularities
p. 225-258 Details
Jean-François Coulombel
Transparent numerical boundary conditions for evolution equations: Derivation and stability analysis
p. 259-327 Details
S. Zeynep Özal Kurşungöz
On Extension Properties of Pluricomplex Green Functions
p. 329-356 Details
Ibrahima Hamidine
Approches courantielles à la Mellin dans un cadre non archimédien
(Mellin’s Currential approaches in a non archimedean framework)
p. 357-396 Details
folder Volume 28, number 1 (2019)
folder Volume 27, number 5 (2018)
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